2011 Jan 24

News: Sucking blood & kicking butt: Nina Dobrev loves her dual personalities on The Vampire Diaries

Canada.Com has an awesome article about our very own Canadian beauty, Nina Dobrev! Being Canadian, it is so awesome to see Canadian media support our homegirl (See Flare Magazine Scans here).

PASADENA, California – Nina Dobrev is fighting a cough, having just flown in from The Vampire Diaries’ set in Covington, Georgia, but she has rarely been more comfortable in her own skin.

When The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday for its first new episode since early December, her hard-luck character, Elena Gilbert, faces an uncertain destiny. The ancient, as-yet-unseen vampire king-of-kings, Klaus, must sacrifice her in order to break a centuries-old curse involving demons, werewolves and blood moons. Elena’s dark twin, the unstable Katerina Petrova, a tragic vampire villain also known as Katherine Pierce, is sealed in a subterranean tomb, plotting her next move.

Read more of this great article here.

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, Jan. 27 on A at 7 ET/PT; The CW at 8 ET/PT.

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