2010 Sep 01

News: 'Vampire Diaries' And 'Glee' Actors Get No Rest After The Emmy's In Today's Tweet Dreams

Just because actors got to party the night away yesterday at the Emmy Awards doesn’t mean they got to take the morning off during their busy work schedules. Nina Dobrev had to take an early morning flight to get to the set of “The Vampire Diaries” and shoot this morning. “taking a nap in my dressing room and then going to shoot some TVD,” she tweeted. “should b exhausted BUT going on adrenaline. Surpisingly OK.” Also not getting a break this morning were the cast of “Glee,” who also had some early deadlines to meet. “What an amazing night last night 🙂 ” Lea Michele tweeted. “So happy for Jane & Ryan! Had a blast at the show and at the FOX after party… Now off to work! 🙂 ”

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