2014 May 20

Nina Dobrev Dishes on Her New Ombre Hair, Penchant for Skinny-Dipping, and Tomboy-Esque Style

It’s a sunny afternoon inside the Rouge salon in New York City, where Nina Dobrev perches on an elevated couch by the windowsill. Jealousy-inducing ringlets cascade around her face and she looks perfectly polished in a summer dress. Unlike many others in the public eye, Dobrev requires no “get-to-know-you” time before leaping into a warm and friendly conversation without reserve, a quality that doesn’t go under appreciated in this day and age. Giggling ensues, and selfies follow as we launch into a conversation about her brand new ombre locks, her “tomboy” style, and her unique penchant for skinny dipping.

Tell me about your hair. It’s amazing. You went ombre!

Thank you! It’s fun to change your hair. I’m filming a movie at the moment called The Final Girls, so I changed my hair color for that role. Once you change something about yourself, you just feel a little more excited.

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