2013 Jan 19

(SPOILER) 4×09 "O Come, All Ye Faithful" Recap/Review

This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further!

A lot happened in the mid-season finale of TVD:

Damon and Elena wake up in bed together. Despite knowing about the sire bond, Elena claims that their relationship feels real and that she did not want to let go of it. Damon had still not ended his sire bond with Elena even after Stefan told him that’s what he needed to do, and Damon hasn’t told Stefan that Elena is still sired.

Jeremy is at the Lake House, trying to control his emerging hunter alter ego. Bonnie, Elena, Damon and Shane arrive to help aid Jeremy in his struggles. Jeremy attacks Elena but she restrains him. Shane tells Elena to remind Jeremy that they are family and that she is someone he loves. Shane’s idea didn’t work. Damon then tells Jeremy to find someone else to be his emotional outlet and chooses Bonnie. This helped Jeremy control his emotions, which led to a heart touching hug between brother and sister Gilbert. Damon also questioned Shane about the cure. Shane said he knew where it was and that he wasn’t in it to find the cure. He wanted to find Silas, the immortal “myth” who happened to be buried with the cure. Damon then sets Elena free from her sire bond and told her that is what would make him happy.

Wolf girl Hayley told Tyler that she found a witch who would save the hybrids. A plan was devised to bury Klaus in Tyler’s body in concrete and give time for the hybrids to disappear and spread out. Stefan and Caroline tried to get Tyler to call of the plan because they need Klaus for the cure- he has the sword to decode the map to the cure. Mayor Lockwood was also against Tyler’s plan, but she told him to do what he needed to do and that his father would be proud.

Caroline then suggested that they use Rebekah instead of Tyler to bury Klaus. Tyler agreed to change the plan and Hayley claimed it was too late. She texted Shane to let him know and he told her to fix it. After Bonnie told Caroline that the plan would work, Hayley snapped Caroline’s neck. April found Caroline and when Caroline woke up, she told Stefan that Hayley was trying to ruin their plan. Caroline compelled April, but April was wearing her bracelet from Jeremy… So April was not compelled!

Hayley admits to Tyler that she made up the witch in a deal to help find her family. The deal included the sacrifice of twelve hybrids, which Klaus then slaughters with his sword after he finds out about the plan. Klaus becomes mad after learning of Tyler’s “betrayal” and then drowns Mrs. Lockwood in the fountain in the middle of the town square. At the end of the episode, Tyler finds the slaughtered hybrids. April finds herself in the cellar and opens Rebekah’s coffin.


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