2013 Jan 19

(SPOILER) 4×10 "After School Special" Recap/Review

This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further!

The episode began with an assembly at Mystic Falls High honoring Mayor Lockwood, who passed away because of an “accident.” (Bonnie’s dad, Rudy is going to fill the position of Mayor for Mystic Falls.) During the assembly, Elena thinks she sees Rebekah. Elena leaves the assembly and finds April in the hall, who confesses she knows Elena is a vampire. Rebekah then snaps Elena’s neck. Rebekah was there for the cure.

Elena ends up in the school library, compelled and not allowed to leave. Stefan, who has been drinking away his pain after finding out Elena slept with Damon, is called to the school along with Caroline. Rebekah then calls the group together for a “therapy session” where the truth comes out. Rebekah learned about the break up, the sire bond and the cure. With everyone being compelled to tell the truth, Elena admitted that she slept with Damon because she was in love with him, which completely destroys Stefan.

After Rebekah learned about Shane, Kol retrieved him from his office. Moments before, Bonnie had been visiting Shane where he gave her a pendant from an ancient witch. Compulsion did not work on Shane, so Kol had to physically torture him to get answers.

Back at Rebekah’s counseling session, a game of truth or dare began. Elena confessed that being with Damon made her happy and that when she was with Stefan, she felt like a problem that needed to be fixed. She admits she still loves Stefan, but she is not in love with him. Tyler then showed up where Rebekah compelled him to turn into a werewolf. Caroline, Stefan and Elena ran and Stefan and Elena were able to lock Tyler out of the classroom.

Bonnie found April and then created a protection spell for Shane. Kol was holding his head underwater and then April began coughing up water. Shane admitted that he just wanted to free Silas. Kol said that Silas would kill them all, but Shane had already enacted a plan, and when he awakens Silas, Silas will bring back the dead. Kol stabbed Shane in the stomach and then April began bleeding. Shane is presumed dead.

Rebekah and Kol left, and then Shane pulled the pole out of himself. Elena and Stefan found April and Bonnie, who explained the protection spell linked them. Stefan fed April his blood and had her and Bonnie leave the school. Elena and Stefan were now alone and when Elena tried to talk to Stefan, he asked her, “How many more ways can you rip my heart out?” Rebekah then came in and offered to compel Stefan to forget all his memories of Elena and all the pain he was feeling. Stefan said to do it but Rebekah was just joking and said that an eternity of pain would be her revenge to Stefan. Rebekah then let Elena and Stefan go, and Caroline finds Tyler in the gym after his transformation. Tyler breaks down and claims that he should have saved his mom.

Meanwhile at the Lake House, Jeremy is training to become a hunter. Klaus shows up and is frustrated that they haven’t grown Jeremy’s mark. Damon doesn’t want Jeremy to kill innocent people in order to do this, and Klaus is getting anxious. He then turns the pizza girl that night and Jeremy killed her and grew his mark a bit further.
Bonnie then questions Shane about her magic and he tells her she is the key to everything. Damon and Elena talk on the phone and she tells him sire bond or not she is in love with him, and he told her to get in her car and come to him. Stefan and Rebekah join forces and agree to go in search of the cure together. Rebekah wants to force the cure on Klaus and make him mortal. She also discovers that Shane is alive and Stefan figures out that he and Bonnie have been doing expression. At the end of the episode, Jeremy and Damon walk into a bar full of transitioning vampires for Jeremy to kill. April Young also tells Sheriff Forbes and Rudy about Shane and how he killed the Founder’s Council at the farmhouse. She wants the town to start telling the truth.


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