2013 Nov 15

The Vampire Diaries: 'Death and The Maiden' – Review

Warning! Contains Spoilers!

Love triumphs over Death in Mystic Falls.

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries explores what everyone is willing to sacrifice for love when faced with overwhelming odds. Damon makes a surprising deal with Tessa that will have unforeseen consequences.

The episode opens with Silas (Paul Wesley) at a bus stop with a young couple in love. He recounts how he met his soul mate Amara and the saga of them being torn apart for 2000 years. Silas tells them he’s not crazy (they find his story hard to believe), he still wants to be with Amara even though she stabbed him. He tells them to live it up and enjoy their love while it lasts because up until two days ago he was “immortal, psychic, and in love” but now his neck hurts, his soul is crushed and he’s sitting at a bus stop. Then he kills the guy by burning up his internal organs. When the girl asks him to stop, he says he’s a witch, who is angry at the world. As the terrified girl runs away, Silas comments that love is fickle, but buses are tried and true. (This entire scene was genius. Got to love his wicked sense of humor!).

At the Salvatore house, Stefan (Paul Wesley) is dreaming about his time in the underwater safe. Elena (Nina Dobrev) wakes him up and asks if they can start over. He tells her in detail what happened the night Silas dumped him into the safe. When Elena questions him on how he remembers it, Stefan admits his memories are back. He tells her Tessa came to him the night before in his room and undid the spell and restored them. Damon takes Stefan to the basement and where they are keeping a seemingly nutty Amara (Nina Dobrev) in a cage, and tells him that she is the anchor (but now mortal) and they have to keep her alive until the now mortal Silas does the spell he promised, to bring Bonnie back. Damon notices Amara slit her wrists with her teeth, and has to restrain her as she screams for him to let her die.

Meanwhile, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) have a heart to heart talk. Bonnie wonders what will happen to her after the other side is destroyed when Amara dies. Jeremy tells her that what he wants to tell her three things. First, it’s not a good-bye speech, because he believes she’ll always be there; second, thank you for giving his life back. Bonnie asks him not to tell him the third one so he will have something to tell her when they see each other again. (Gee, it’s a bit obvious what it is)

At the college lab, Dr. Wes Maxfield (Rick Cosnett) looks at Katherine (Nina Dobrev) x-rays, and tells her that her blood work up is clean. Katherine asks what is wrong with her. Westfield tells Katherine that her 500 years is catching up with her and she is dying. (Guessed that!) When Katherine asks how to stop it, he replies that it’s the normal aging process only quicker, and she has but a few months to live if it continues at this rate.

Back at the Salvatore house, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) receives a call from Silas, who is on a bus back to Mystic Falls. Damon reminds him that time is of the essence in regards to Amara and reminds him of his promise to do the spell to bring Bonnie back. Silas has a change of heart and refuses to kill Amara who is clearly nuts from being in plaster caster for so long. He suggests Damon go ahead and kill her instead. Damon says not until Silas brings Bonnie back, but Silas refuses. He says the idea of Damon breaking his promise to Elena and jeopardizing their relationship would bring him great joy, so he has decided not to help Damon.

At Whitmore, Nadia (Olga Fonda) confronts Caroline (Candice Accola) about where Katherine is. Katherine shows up and Caroline asks how they know each other. Katherine lies and says Nadia is her stylist. (Got to keep those gray hairs at bay!)

Meanwhile, Stefan tells Elena they need to kill Silas and he needs to do it, so he can put them out of their misery. But Elena says they need him to bring Bonnie back and she hasn’t given up hope of that happening. Stefan accuses her of putting her hope into the wrong things, and the wrong people (Yes, he’s looking at you, Damon!).

Down in the Salvatore house basement, Jeremy and Bonnie bring Amara food. Amara recognizes Jeremy and asks how he came back to the land of the living. Then, she sees Bonnie and realizes it was her that brought him back. Amara says she is the anchor to the other side, which makes her able to see and feel Bonnie. Jeremy reports back to Damon and Elena about what happened, so they have an idea to make Bonnie the anchor; she can exist in both the land of the living and the other side, as Amara does. And there is only one person who can do the spell. (Guess who!)

Damon makes a visit to Tessa (Janina Javankar). He informs Tessa that he has Amara, that she took the cure, and she wants to die. Damon says Silas is on his way back to kill Amara. He asks if they can make a deal and pitches the idea of making Bonnie the anchor. But she says she needs a massive amount of power to do the spell, and doppelgangers can provide it, with their blood. Damon asks her how many she wants. (Oh, about three should do it).

Elena reminds Stefan that killing your doppelganger is bad luck and revenge is not the answer as they’ve known from their pasts. Stefan tells Elena every time he closes his eyes, he’s back in the safe, drowning and in terrible pain. The only way he knows how to make it stop, is to kill Silas. Otherwise, he will go insane and maybe turn off his humanity.

Back at the college, Nadia asks Katherine why she is avoiding her and feels abandoned again. Katherine says she never abandoned her; her father took Nadia away from her because he thought she was a slut. Katherine doesn’t want to do the mother/daughter thing any more. She tells a confused and angry Nadia that they are done. Caroline interrupts them to take Katherine to the Salvatore house where she is needed.

Damon brings Tessa to Amara in the basement. Amara apologies to Tessa and says her life has been a living hell, that she has won and begs Tessa to kill her. Tessa says she will once she makes someone else the anchor. This will trap Silas and they will spend eternity apart. Caroline brings Katherine to the house and upon meeting Tessa, demands that she cure her of aging in exchange for her blood. Tessa surprisingly agrees (yeah, right). Tessa uses Bonnie’s grimmeouir and cuts the palms of Katherine, Amara and Elena for their blood to do the spell. As she begins, all the lights in the house suddenly shatter and Tessa demands that Silas show himself. (He loves to spoil the fun!)

Tessa finds Silas in another part of the darkened house, as Damon and Elena realize that Amara is missing. Silas asks Tessa to just let go of the hateful vengeance she has had for 2000 years. They start attacking each other and as Silas stabs Tessa, he takes a call from Stefan. (In the middle of murdering your ex?) He is holding Amara outside on the grounds of the house and gives Silas ten minutes to come out or he will kill her.

Meanwhile, Caroline feeds Katherine vampire blood to heal the knife wound on her hand that won’t stop bleeding. But Katherine throws it back up, realizing that the cure doesn’t like vampire blood. Elena finds Tessa and takes out the metal rod Silas embedded in her. Elena tells her it’s just a flesh wound, and that she is not done yet. She drags Tessa out of the room. (Sorry, you can’t die right now!)

Somewhere outside, Silas finds Amara bound and gagged to a tree. Amara professes that she still loves him but she can’t live this way. Silas says he loves her too and emotionally a mess, he reluctantly takes out a knife. As she begs him to kill her, Stefan interrupts and tries to choke Silas, but he uses his witch powers to throw him off. Then, as he reminds Stefan of the torturous months he spent in the safe, Stefan grabs the knife Silas dropped, and kills him.

Back at the house, Damon informs Elena he can’t find Amara or Stefan. Elena tells him Stefan took her and they have to go find him before he does something crazy. Damon leaves to look for him, and Elena joins Tessa who is finishing the anchor spell.

Outside, Amara who gets untied, stabs herself just as Damon finds her kneeling beside a dead Silas. (A Romeo and Juliet type scene). Damon takes the knife out of her stomach and feeds her his vampire blood, but she chokes on it to Damon’s surprise. With panic in his eyes, Damon desperately asks Amara to hang on just a while longer, until the spell is completed. She pleads with him to please let her die.

In the fireplace room, Bonnie goes to say good-bye to Jeremy telling him that Amara is dying and they do not have much time. She asks him what the third thing was and he tells her he loves her. (No surprise there!) Bonnie tells Jeremy she loves him too. When Jeremy reaches out to her, they realize they can touch each other. Elena and Caroline come into the room and happily reunite with Bonnie. The spell has worked; Bonnie is now the anchor.

Katherine goes to Tessa and asks that she now do the age reversal spell, but Tessa refuses. She tells Katherine she has learned her lesson about altering life spans since that is what started the whole mess with Silas. She says she’s won; Amara is gone and Silas is waiting for her on the other side. Katherine sees the pool of blood around Amara and yells for help; As Tessa lies dying, she tells Katherine that love has prevailed.

Standing alone in front of the fireplace, Bonnie sees Tessa’s ghost, who tells Bonnie she is the anchor now. Tessa tells Bonnie that she’ll feel her death as she passes through her, as well as every supernatural being who dies and goes to the other side. And it will be very painful. Bonnie screams out as Tessa’s ghost passes through her.

Outside, Elena finds Stefan and he says he feels fine now that Silas is dead. He asks her that is so important to her. Elena says because she needs to know that it worked; that it’s going to take away all of his suffering and he’s going to be okay. Stefan confesses that he wanted it to be her (and revises that to her and Damon as he sees Damon arrive) that found him when the safe opened. (Don’t want to upset big brother?)

Back at the college, Katherine is packed ready to leave since Bonnie will be back to share the dorm room. Caroline thanks her for everything she did, which Katherine shrugs off with a threat . Nadia appears and asks Katherine to go back to Prague with her. Katherine tells her she’s not interested in a mother/daughter bond, and that Nadia will never see her again. Carolyn is shocked at hearing the revelation of their relationship.

Meanwhile, as Stefan buries Silas, he collapses and relives drowning in the safe. He fights the memory and in a panic, repeatedly tells himself that it is supposed to be over.

A lot of good stuff going on this week. Love conquers all, or does it?
Did Katherine break with Nadia because she is dying and does not want Nadia to lose her again? Was it Silas’ compulsion or Tessa’s memory return spell that has trapped Stefan in his nightmare? Can it be broken and by who; Bonnie? Will Bonnie be able to survive the consequences of being the anchor? Why is Nadia leaving her companion behind, trapped in Matt? Will we ever know the secret of the knife Matt has? What will Dr. Maxfield do with the knowledge of Katherine being a dying doppelganger? What has happened to Jesse and what did Dr. Maxfield field do with him?

Let us know what you thought of the episode!

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