2011 Sep 09

The Vampire Diaries Exclusive "V3" Promo Photos

TvLine posted exclusive Vampire Diaries promo posters. September 15th is right around the corner, and seeing these posters just makes me even more excited. These “V3” posters feature Paul (stefan), Nina (is it elena or katherine?), Ian (damon) and of course Joseph (Klaus) all holding bloody pieces of fruit in their hands. Personally i think they need to bring back Elijah (daniel gillies) cuz he is the best at ripping out people’s hearts.

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  1. Actually, Damon is holding an apple, Klaus is holding a pear, Elena is holding a pomegranate and Stefan is holding a peach (or a mango, not sure.) xD None of them are holding hearts, but they certainly are bloody bits of fruit. It goes along with the picnic theme in the Appetites promo video.

    1. That’s my girl, Sarah! Always the observant one 😉 Jen, meet my niece Sarah! Sarah, meet Jen, my new news writer for the site 🙂

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