2011 Jan 09

Birthdays: Happy Birthday Nina Dobrev!

Dear Nina,

Your friends here at Blood Falls want to wish you the most wonderful and exciting birthday ever! We are all very thankful and appreciative of the hard work you put into The Vampire Diaries and love watching you grow as a person!

We wish you much light, love, success, health, and all the most beautiful blessings that can be bestowed unto one person!

With much love and admiration;

Natalie & Staff

Staff Members: Linda, Michelle, Tracey, Victoria & Faith

To the fans: Please feel free to leave your messages to Nina here!

4 Comments on “Birthdays: Happy Birthday Nina Dobrev!”

  1. Hello Nina! A lot of congratulations on this so special day for you. I wish you an incredible, unforgettable day. That your major desires make real. I am great your fan and of the series. I follow it from Spain. I want to congratulate you on your enormous work playing the role both of Katherine and of Elena. My better desires also for the rest of your companions of distribution. It would be incredible to know and a made dream reality! I adore you! Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and that are great more! A kiss from Madrid.

  2. Happy birthday Nina! I hope u have an amazing day, you deserve it so much after all the work you do! You are extremely talented, and I am blessed that I get to watch you do your stuff on television. Keep up the amazing work! 😉

    From a fellow Canadian, Isabelle.

  3. Hope you had a great birthday, Nina! You’re a beautiful, young lady, and so happy that both my daughter, Stefanie and I met you when you came to NJ last year. Hugs and kisses, Elena~

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