2013 Feb 04

Caption It: Our Favorite 'Vampire Diaries' Cast Photos From The Superbowl Weekend

Superbowl weekend was a big deal for football fans, but also for the extremely loyal fans of The Vampire Diaries! All of our cast favorites, including the ones rarely seen out and about, like Candice Accola and Julie Plec were in attendance. Those who are big fans of Nina Dobrev must have been rejoicing all weekend due to the new, fabulous, photos posted of her! While looking at my Instagram feed, I noticed that so many of her photos made it to the popular page!

Needless to say, she has some very caring, enthusiastic fans!

I’m still trying to get over all the excellent fashion choices Dobrev made this weekend. Who knew a football jersey could look so good on someone?! That goes for blue-eyed hottie, Ian Somerhalder too. All of his looks on and off the red carpet were enough to make all the ladies drool, or at least foam at the mouth over him.

Wondering what we want all the fellow fans to discuss? All the information you need can be found after the jump!

What’s most important for television stars, as we all know, is the support from their fans. Because of that, we want to know what YOUR favorite photos from this weekend were. We compiled a few of our favorite photos for your viewing pleasure. In the comments, what we would like is for you to tell us what photos were your favorites.

Feel free to “caption it” as well.

Our goal is to see and feel the enthusiasm of all the fans of TVD. Let us know what you think about the now almost infamous photo of Neil Patrick Harris photobombing Ian Somerhalder! What do you think was going through their minds when that happened? You can write your own little captions in the comments below!

How about the picture of Paul and Torrey on the red carpet? Just what could he be saying at that very moment? Tell us what fun statement he could be making! What about Torrey’s face? What could she be thinking in reference to the comment you create? You see, you can have a lot of fun with something like this!

So again, what would we like to see?! In the comments, we want to know YOUR favorite photos of all the ones below! We want to know YOUR captions for the photos. We want YOUR feedback! The comments and fun little captions are greatly appreciated!

Take a look at the photos and then let us know all your thoughts! We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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