S01E02 ; The Night of the Comet

Character: Elena Gilbert

Created by: L.J. Smith

Written by: Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec

Released date: September 17, 2009

Episode(s) Number: 02

Episode(s) Title: The Night of the Comet

Genre: Drama, Horror

Duration: 42m

In the second episode of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan and Elena face their first challenge as a vampire/human couple when Damon introduces them to Lexi, a close friend from his past. As the group attempts to find out why vampires are suddenly attacking innocent people in Mystic Falls, Stefan must choose between hiding his secret from Elena or trusting her with it. Meanwhile, Caroline and Tyler experience strange supernatural occurrences in town that have an eerie connection to a distant relative of Tyler's.

The second episode of the Vampire Diaries, ‘Night of the Comet’, follows on from the first and further develops characters, plot points and relationships. After Elena learns that her brother is actually a vampire in the previous episode, this one sees her struggling to cope with this news. Despite their initial hesitation towards each other, Elena begins to develop a relationship with Stefan as she starts to accept what he has become. She confides in him about her parents’ death and the grief that it has caused her, forming a bond between them.

]In this episode we also see more of Katherine and Damon’s connection – though they don’t meet face-to-face until later episodes – as they both prepare for the ‘Night of the Comet’ which will enable them to be freed from their vampires states and walk out into daylight once more. As both of them make plans for the night, Katherine notices something suspicious in Elena and realizes she looks almost exactly like her long-lost love interest, Elena’s doppelganger.

Stefan does his best to help Elena through all these changes but becomes aware that things may be complicated when his brother Damon also comes back into town with his own agenda – ultimately pushing away everyone who is important to Stefan. In order to prevent himself being taken advantage of by his more devious sibling he teams up with Bonnie – another character newly introduced in this episode – so together they can protect their friends from Damon’s malicious plan.

Script developed by Never Enough Design