2012 Mar 19

Keck's Exclusives: The Vampire Diaries Stars Sit Pretty

For Nina Dobrev’s 23rd birthday in January, her Vampire Diaries costar and real-life boyfriend Ian Somerhalder gifted her with a deluxe, hi-tech studio set chair. It’s made of sustainable bamboo and matches the one he’s been sitting in. (Cost: around $1,000, Nina says.)

“It has a table that swivels around and has a seat that lifts up so you can store stuff underneath,” raves Nina. “I kept stealing his, so he got me one.”

Why such an extravagant purchase? “We live in them,” Ian says. “I have pockets where my cell phone and pencils go, plus every gluten-free snack known to man. It’s like a holistic pharmacy in there to keep me going 15 hours a day.”

But costar Paul Wesley finds the chairs a big waste of money. “They’re absurdly plush — with cup holders!” he says with a laugh. “My chair is crappy, but I will never get one of those expensive ones. Gotta keep it real, man. Besides, anytime [Ian and Nina] are not working, I just sit in theirs!”

via tvguide.com

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