2012 Jun 11

Merchandise: The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Trading Cards

Good news! The Vampire Diaries now has trading cards for Season 1 and they are out NOW! I don’t know about you guys but I love trading cards. Or I loved them more as a kid, I guess! ha ha! I have the entire Season 2 collection from Supernatural and some cards are even autographed so this definitely makes for a great hobby. I mean can you imagine having the entire Season 1 set of The Vampire Diaries displayed in your nifty little binder and bringing them to conventions to get signed by the stars? I’m drooling already!!

Now you can pick up cards at your local retail hobby store (Comic Book stores as an example). Or you can order directly from Cryptozoic Entertainment’s E-store. A full set is $84 plus shipping and the binder is $30 plus shipping.

Special thanks to theWB for pointing out this new merchandise!

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