2011 Dec 15

Nina Dobrev Says She'd Never Do Reality TV

She’s rumored to be in one of the hottest celebrity relationships with fellow Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), but don’t expect Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) to follow in the reality romance footsteps of Jessica Simpson and the Kardashians and take her love life to the small screen.

At The Ripple Effect event in Los Angeles this weekend, Nina told reporters that she would never consider opening her life up to the public.

“Absolutely not,” she says. “I get paid to be other people. For me, I have my personal life and when I go to work I get to play and be these different characters, and I love that. I love that so much. That’s my priority.”

So no wedding special on E!? “No,” she laughs.

But just because we won’t see Nina’s hypothetical nuptials televised, that doesn’t mean she won’t get to play dress-up on TV. Nina reveals that an upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries, involves her indulging her girly side.

“There’s going to be a really great, big ball coming up soon, and we all get dressed up in these gorgeous gowns, which is always fun, ” she says. “I love that. I’m a girl! Although the heels kind of kill.”

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