2011 Oct 04

Nina Dobrev Shares ‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: “Relationship Abuse” in Upcoming Episode

The Vampire Diaries is going to be getting even more intense! Nina Dobrev chatted with OK! over the weekend and shared some season spoilers for her Vampire Diaries fans.

Nina has joined Puma’s Project Pink initiative to support breast cancer awareness and greeted some lucky fans in NYC on Sunday to thank them for their support.

But, of course, Nina also chatted with her fans about her hit show and gave them some hints to what they can look forward to seeing this season!

“Elena’s kind of turning into a bad*** and she’s learning,” Nina shared with OK!. “An episode comes up where she’s put in a very uncomfortable situation where people, everyone is sort of, she’s like the victim.”

But this time it will be even more intense.

“She’s always the victim but more so than ever she’s a victim in an upcoming episode. It’s almost abusive. I feel it’s very reminiscent of abuse, like relationship abuse,” the actress explained. “So that experience makes her step up and want to fight for herself and not be so defenseless anymore.”

And while Elena is fighting for herself on Vampire Diaries, Nina is helping to fight against breast cancer.

Learn how you can help at visit puma.com/projectpink.

via ok magazine

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