2012 Oct 31

(SPOILER) 4×03 "The Rager" Recap/Review

This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further!

The episode begins and we see Tyler “recovering” in the hospital after being shot in the chest in front of the whole town at the Founder’s Council memorial. Then we see Connor, the new vampire hunter in town lurking through the halls of the hospital. He manages to take down the security guard outside Tyler’s room and Tyler knows something is wrong. Connor storms into the room with Tyler nowhere to be seen. Tyler jumps out and being his hybrid self, tries to attack Connor, who injects him with a paralytic substance and then manages to draw werewolf venom from Tyler’s gums- ouch!

Connor returns to his trailer in the woods and goes over articles and papers from the memorial shooting, while Tyler returns home. Tyler is now under house arrest and Klaus returns and has ordered some of his hybrid friends to protect Tyler, since he can no longer make more hybrids, he wants to protect what he already has. And for the record, Klaus is still mad at Tyler and the gang for trying to kill him.. but as we know, Klaus always puts his hybrids first!
Meanwhile at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan is outside working on his motorcycle when Damon appears and the brotherly feud begins. Stefan is still mad at Damon for blood sharing with Elena, and Damon claims he is going to leave town (like they both agreed) once he kills Connor.

At Mystic Falls High, flyers have been posted that a mandatory curfew is now in action after the memorial shooting. We also see Elena enjoying a drink from Matt in their old make-out spot. They head to history class (aww!) and we see Rebekah, once again vying for attention and passing out flyers about her anti-curfew party at her new house. We see an Elena and Rebekah girl feud as class is about to begin- Rebekah reminds Elena that she tried to kill her, Elena reminds Rebekah that her family abandoned her, and Rebekah reminds Elena of how she killed Alaric. And that does it for Elena- she picks up a pencil and throws it at Rebekah, who quickly catches it and throws it straight into Elena’s shoulder causing a bloody mess. She rushes to the bathroom to clean it up and Rebekah comes in and tempts Elena to feed on a fellow classmate.

Guess who else is at the school? Connor! He is wandering around the halls and corners Matt and forces him to tell who in the school is a bloodsucker. Matt answers, “Rebekah Mikaelson.” Connor also calls Jeremy into an empty classroom and tells him that he can train him to become a vampire hunter. The reason why Jeremy could see Connor’s invisible tattoo, also called a hunter’s mark, is because only potential vampire hunters can see it. Rebekah tries to apologize to Matt at school for running him off the bridge and that she didn’t want to hurt him, but Matt doesn’t buy it.
Elena is about to lose it. Her rage towards Rebekah is getting her all riled up and Stefan and Caroline convince her to take the rest of the day off from school. This leads Elena to snoop around Damon’s room to find the white oak stake so she can kill Rebekah, and Damon reluctantly gives it to her.

Later, Damon goes and takes a peek inside Connor’s trailer, only to fall into a trap and get shot by an arrow, at the end which a bomb is attached. He calls Meredith for help and she removes the arrow. Damon claims he was too proud to call Stefan.

Elena and Stefan make an appearance at Rebekah’s party, and we see April Young there as well. April tells Elena that she doesn’t think the farm house explosion which killed her father and the rest of the council was an accident. Rebekah being the lovely host she is, steals Elena’s daylight ring and throws it down the sink. Elena ends up retrieving her ring back and begins to grab the stake out of her purse, and Stefan stops her and tells her if she kills Rebekah the guilt will never go away, as she would not only be killing Rebekah but her entire bloodline. Stefan and Elena go to leave the party, and Elena does a handstand while drinking from the keg to show off in front of Rebekah. She and Stefan go for a ride on his motorcycle, where she embraces her new self and has fun.

In the meantime, Tyler is still stuck at home and is surprised by his friend Hayley, who he met in the Appalachian Mountains while trying to break his sire bond. Caroline stops by and wants to hang out, but Tyler sends her away. Caroline is unaware that Hayley is upstairs when she stops by. Klaus suspects that something is/went on between Hayley and Tyler and we know he is going to eventually get to the bottom of it and use it to his advantage.

Elena and Stefan return from their adventure and they begin getting hot and heavy. Elena then begins kissing Damon, only to realize it’s a hallucination. She asks, “Why am I thinking about you?” Damon replies, “Because you’re a vampire now and a part of you knows you’re a lot more like me than you are like him.” Elena’s arm begins to get strange red veins appearing and she realizes it must be werewolf venom. Stefan calls Klaus over to heal Elena with his hybrid blood and Damon asks Klaus if he wants to go with him to take care of the new hunter in town.

Jeremy meets Connor at his trailer and informs him that his friend Meredith at the hospital has connections with a vampire and has been using vampire blood with her patients. They head to the hospital where Jeremy has led Connor into a trap- the same trap he used against Damon earlier. Damon and Klaus attempt to interrogate Connor and then Klaus discovers one of Connor’s stakes and claims that he is, “one of the five.” This rendezvous ends with the hospital storage room blown to bits and Damon thinking Connor is out of the picture. Meredith not happy about the damage done to the hospital and she tells Damon that she is not his new partner for vampire crime.

Matt comes over and reveals to Rebekah why she can’t find love- “because she doesn’t deserve it.” Rebekah begins to show rage herself and rips out his heart. Turns out Rebekah had also consumed werewolf venom and it was all just a hallucination! Connor must have spiked the keg at the party with Tyler’s venom, so all vampires who drank from it would feel sick. She wakes up to see April picking up trash in her room and the two chat, opening to door to a possible friendship. Rebekah tells April she will look into what really happened at the farmhouse.

That evening at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan confides in Caroline. He admits that he is having a hard time encouraging Elena to embrace her new vampire life, because he is afraid that he will let his Ripper side of him show. Stefan tells Caroline that she is great at being a vampire and she said that he can come to her anytime and that she won’t let him lose control.

At the Gilbert house, Matt is over for a late night feeding for Elena. Elena drinks from Matt’s wrist and starts to lose control and begins hurting Matt. Luckily, Damon was there to stop her and once Elena realized what she’d done, she was horrified. Damon compelled Matt to forget what happened and sent him on his way. Damon tells Elena that he is going to teach her the right way to be a vampire and she agrees. Thought: Why was Damon at Elena’s house anyway? Was he coming to say goodbye?

The episode ends with Klaus at Connor’s trailer. Klaus ended up saving Connor from the hospital explosion because the fact that Connor is one of “the five” has made him valuable to Klaus.


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