2014 May 22

The Beauty Trick Nina Dobrev Uses to "Fool Boys" During Dates

Nina Dobrev is known for her beautiful eyes and playful beauty style, so it’s only natural that she would mix the two together and sign on to become the spokesperson for Air Optix Colors, a new line of color contacts. We caught up with Nina and her stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, at a preview of the new line of contacts in NYC to chat new Summer beauty trends, Nina’s ombré hair, and what big hairstyle change she is planning on making once she wraps up The Vampire Diaries for good. (Hint: it involves a big hair trend!)

POPSUGAR: You have such beautiful eyes. How do you play that up with your makeup?

Nina Dobrev: This is the first time that I’m wearing colored contacts just for fun, as opposed to for a role or a film. The science behind [colored contacts] now is incredible. They used to be so thick, uncomfortable, and ugly — well, not ugly . . . no they really were [laughs]. They [looked] fake, and I like to look natural and subtle.

Look, I like my eyes, I like my face, I like what I was born with — it’s not that I want to change that, but at the same time, I wear mascara. It’s about enhancing my own features. This is why I love the Air Optix Colors and why I signed on to do this — I really believe in the brand. And in our case, for fashion, it helps with red carpets.

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