2011 Apr 21

The Vampire Diaries: First Look at Season Finale "As I Lay Dying"

Vampire Diaries’ Damon and Elena have had their ups and downs, but it’s hard to deny the passion between them. And it’s even harder to deny it after checking out this exclusive first look at the Season 2 finale.

That is how Robyn from TVGuide starts off her article where we get a first look at the Season Finale. It’s a photo of Damon and Elena. Head over here to read the whole article and then come back to let us know your theories!

As an extra special treat, I’m including one behind the scenes photo that I took of the Season Finale filming. No spoilers and it features the beautiful Caroline Forbes at the “Gone With the Wind” event in the square. Photo is exclusive to this site only, meaning you cannot post it anywhere. Redirect visitors here to view it. Thank you for respecting that.

3 Comments on “The Vampire Diaries: First Look at Season Finale "As I Lay Dying"”

  1. Thanks for the scoopage (without any spoiler, yay!) on the season finale that I am SO not ready for! Gone with the Wind? Curious. That was the book on Damon’s nightstand when we first got to see “The Room”. Interesting and appropriate turn with the “burning”. Appreciated the exclusive photo and totally respect the right to look and not repost. Afraid more spoilers will hit the airwaves before we get to see it. Appreciate people respecting others rights to not know till they see it. Don’t ruin things–we love to yak about it, but don’t wanna see your spoilers! Thanks for keeping us informed but not spoiled!

  2. All I can say is… YAY! <3 Damon and Elenaaaaa. (: I'm so flipping excited! I've read some stuff online and its definitely going to get exciting on the show – and by that I mean even more exciting than usual, which is saying an awful lot…

  3. Great photos! Thank you Nat! I can’t wait for the next few episodes but of course I cringe knowing we have to wait soooo long for the next season to start! Thanks for the post!! <3

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