2013 Mar 27

Video – Nina Dobrev Helping With Yoga

Nina Dobrev is one of those major yoga believers and has decided to take it upon herself to find a video that teaches it. Nina has shared a video showing a beginner lesson in Yoga. The video teaches simple poses and how to use proper skills on how to do it the correct way. Luckily her (Nina) gymnastics training likely helped her in learning the right balance needed for this kind of Yoga. For those of you wanting to do the yoga that Nina does, you can catch the video of a starter lesson down below to learn how to do it. Here is what she tweeted along with her video.

my video if you are a beginner intrigued by yoga!

I am impressed that she took the time out to teach her fans how to do it (well, in a less indirect way). Not too many would, let alone to teach it for free. She certainly doesn’t seem to care about making a profit off of her yoga skills, which has actually made me gain more respect for her. Talk about a nice break from the usual Hollywood idea behind teaching things. Maybe later on she can make a profit from it, but right now it is highly impressive that she is doing out of kindness. Major props go to Nina right now!

How do you feel about Nina’s yoga skills and trying to help teach it? I think that is great for her and her fans, but it does seem random. Random in a good way that is! Hopefully she will do more videos like this as time goes on, since we all like them and I am sure some of her fans want more lessons. Especially with more advance ones as they get better and want to do more fancy poses for their health. I think she could likely teach that if she finds the time, but certainly she needs time to do things she wants to do as well. At least her fans can get a taste of it first before they decide that they want to move on with more advance yoga.

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