2011 Aug 23

Watch With Kristen has your TVD spoilers for ya..

sounds interesting…

Sean in Van Nuys, Calif.: What’s going on with my favorite Vampire Diaries couple, Bonnie and Jeremy?
“I don’t know anything,” Kat Graham laughs when we bugged her for info. We didn’t believe her, so we threatened her. OK, we didn’t do that, but she did give up a bit of scoop. “I do know that Bonnie’s going to have to deal at some point with Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) new ability to see his ex-girlfriends,……….

Jessie in Smithtown, N.Y.: What’s the deal with Alaric this season on TVD?!
Booze! Gilbert children! Stefan! Too vague? OK, fine. Kevin Williamson tells us, “Alaric (Matthew Davis) will wrestle with the death of Jenna (Sara Canning) because that’s going to weigh on him a little bit. We’re going to see how he mans up…….

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