2010 May 11

Nina Dobrev: What She Thinks of Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

Vampire Dairies’ Nina Dobrev talks to MTV News about what she thinks of her fellow cast members, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

It’s no secret that the cast of “Vampire Diaries,” gets along pretty well. In fact, a few of the show’s actors have told us that they’re bffs on set and off. So, when Nina Dobrev dropped by MTV News last week, we had to ask her whether the same held true for her and the two boys she films with most often — Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

“They are just great guys to be around,” she gushed. “It’s awesome that I get paid to hang with these two guys and work with them and the rest of the cast.” Now, that’s what we love to hear!

Of course, once we learned how close she was to Paul and Ian, we couldn’t help but pick her brain a little on on what both guys are like when they’re not in character.

“Ian and Paul are very different and similar in many ways,” she said. “I think that when people start hanging around each other, they start to pick on on each other’s quirks and taste in music, apparently.”

Turns out that Ian is quite the class clown, while Paul has more in common than his alter-ego, Stefan, then we would have thought. “Ian’s the jokester, the prankster, the guy who likes to talk and hang out and just have a good time,” Nina reported. Note: this only makes us heart him more than we already did.

Paul, however, has a very different approach when the camera’s pointed at him. “It’s funny because when Paul’s on set, he’s very serious, he’s very focused. He’s a lot like his character. He’s kind of method a little bit in some ways,” she said. “But then, as soon as he leaves the set, he has this switch and he’s this cool, fun — not that he’s not cool on set, it’s just he lets loose a little more.” In other words, to quote Hannah Montana, he’s got best of both worlds.

Of course, while they might have their differences, Nina was quick to point out that they’ve got one key thing in common. “They are both incredible and awesome and professional and talented,” she said. We couldn’t agree more, although we’d probably add very handsome to that list.

What do you think about Ian and Paul’s off-set personalities? Do they sound anything like the characters they play?

Source: MTVNews

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