2012 Jan 23


“I want to be a punk or a sweetheart or a drug addict!”

We’ve been watching Nina Dobrev on television since her Degrassi debut – not to mention the weekly Vampire Diaries episodes that satisfy our teen bloodlust every week – but soon we’ll have a chance to see the trilingual actress in a new light. (It’s English, French, and Bulgarian – her home country – in case you were wondering.) This Fall, Dobrev stars with Emma Watson, Logan Lehrman, and Paul Rudd in the hotly anticipated movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She spoke with us about her latest endeavor, her Twitter dilemmas, and why she should be able to play a drug addict.

On doing more films
“I want to become a different person, and that’s what working in film allows. I want to be a punk or a sweetheart or a drug addict! There are so many things to explore… Sometimes they’ll be like, ‘She’s not plain enough.’ Or ‘She’s not edgy enough.’ That frustrates me. I feel like a blank canvas, and I wish people would be a little more open-minded.”

On her pet cats
“I’m gonna say [I am a] ‘cat woman,’ because ‘cat lady’ makes me sound 500 years old… But I love my furry friends. I even made a calendar for 2012. It’s called My Pussies: A Hairy Love Story. [Cats] just migrate to me. I’m pretty sure I was a cat in a past life.”

On her former Degrassi costar, Aubrey Graham (Drake.) “He was so sweet. It’s almost weird to me that he’s a rapper and a sex symbol now. I remember being in the car going to a party, singing along with the radio, and somebody said ‘Isn’t that your buddy Drake?’ I was like, ‘Who’s Drake?’”

On being really famous.

“I can’t say I’m not interested in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their family. But it’s something you fight really hard to preserve and keep private.”

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