2011 Aug 16

Watch With Kristen Spoiler Chat

@Katemadeleine: Caroline and Tyler are the best characters on TVD. I neeeeeeeed to know what that one second clip in the promo was about?
Let’s just say a green little monster whose name rhymes with Melousy becomes Caroline’s (Candice Accola) friend when she sees Tyler (Michael Trevino) dancing with another girl at Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) party……..

Adrian in Philadelphia, Pa: Did you see this tweet from Kevin Williamson? It says Stefan, or Paul Wesley, is “out of control” on Vampire Dairies. You have to know something about that…now spill!
We might know something. But guess who knows more? Paul. “We’re going to open up [season three] with Stefan in the middle of almost losing it,” he tell us……

Jody in Crown Point, Ind.: Anything TVD or about my favorite baddie, Klaus!
Joseph Morgan told us that Klaus and Stefan are just having a splendid time together. “[They’re] out having fun, painting the town red,” he says. “Going dancing. Shopping. Going to garden centers. Picking out curtains. Trying out couches. Just trying to get to know each other.”……..

Read the rest of the spoiler info over at Watch With Kristen (scroll down a little, its the 3rd, 4th, and 5th items on the page)

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